FUNDRAISING:  Want to network? Looking for a fundraising opportunity? Applications available. Must show non profit status. Applications are reviewed every 2 weeks. Marketing packages available at very low cost and include personalized samples, qr code links and flyer designs. Donation remitted 7-10 days after close of event. Donations can be anywhere from 15% to 50% of profit from sales on your select designed items.

INTERNSHIPS: Need to get some work skils? Want to join us in the studio for some onsite training? Interviews are set up regularly and are required but resumes are not. This is for someone starting out and needing to build a resume. This is in a professional studio/production environment. Stipends are available but this is not an hourly pay opportunity. High schoolers are highly encouraged. Time sheets are kept and opportunities for paid jobs are given to the ones most committed to the trainings. (This is not a photography class/training.. those are held in the summer:))

MODELS: Due to this brand is part of a professional studio/production site, we are always looking for models for new products as well as new stage displays. Inquire via email and let us know what you are looking to help with. THESE are not paid modeling positions. Your selection will be based on the type of product, availability. Rewards are also project by project and may include free products, digital copies and or certificates for future sessions/prints.

VOLUNTEER: Need some volunteer hours? I fully and openly support the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps and we are always looking for Adult volunteers as well as any youth that would like to join as a cadet. Please contact me at for more information or stop by the studio. we have quarterly orientations and would LOVE to have you join us. #seacadetsareawesome, #cadetofficeronboard, #orionsquadronseacadets, #oakharborseacadets.